Friday, February 17, 2012

Sally, Part 24

That's right, I promised that Stacey would be back, and so he is.  As usually, if you've forgotten what was going on, you'll want to read this, and uh, share it with your friends if you like it.

Mattias looked out onto the sea as a smile spread across his face.  "Liberation." his head nodded as he looked for how to explain it, "Do you remember what we were talking about before the attack?"

"You were explaining what you were doing here."

"That's right.  We are here to liberate people.  It means to free them.  To free them from whatever is holding them down."

"Like showing us your culture."

"In your case, yes.  I would love for you to be liberated from the orders of others, but we are also here to liberate slaves."

"Like Syrin."

"Exactly.  So many good men and women are being held against their will, and we want to stop that.  Men and women like Syrin."

Syrin finished his routine and looked at the horizon as he sheathed his rapier.  His lips moved as his eyes slowly closed, and his head lowered.

"What's he doing now?"

"Syrin is making a promise.  After he fled his captors, Syrin learned that one of his brothers had been found and caught again.  Every day, after he perfects his craft, and puts away his tools, he promises his brother in his native tongue that he will find him, no matter the cost."  At this Mattias looked down and licked his lips.

Stacey couldn't help but wonder what that kind of brotherly love must be like.  It made him aware of a hole inside of him, but could feel that hole fill up as he spoke, "I'd like to help him if I ever got the chance."

Mattias looked up at the comment, and squinted as he tried to look into Stacey's soul.  Stacey didn't notice.  He was looking past all things physical and into the void within himself that was being filled.  Mattias saw deep and finally smirked, "And so you might."  Mattias didn't wait to see if Stacey had heard him, but walked away, leaving Stacey to his thoughts.

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