Tuesday, October 15, 2013

And on the Docket Today: Destroying One of my Daughter's Dreams

I hurt my back about a week ago... again.  Well, I don't think I rehurniated the disk or anything, but I tweaked it (not to be confused with twerked).  So, I've spent the better part of the last week on my back playing Diablo III on my Xbox (my wife got it for me, you should be jealous).

It's close to being back to normal (hence, why I'm able to blog), but I was still on my back playing this afternoon while my daughter watched Barney on the Kindle.  While watching a loading screen I looked over and saw June standing with her toes at the edge of the Kindle with her fingers grabbing those toes.  This brought on  a question I ask her at least once a day, "June, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to jump into the book.  I'm going to jump into Barney."

"No, no.  June, it's super fun to see people jump into books on shows, but if you do this all you will do is break the Kindle.  Please don't try it."

She looked befuddled.  It was obvious she'd seen this several times performed by various people.  Why couldn't she do it?  "Okay."

"Sorry.  Do you want to check the fire with me?"


I'm sure it won't destroy her forever, but I wish I was one of those super creative dads who knew how to make her dream real without destroying a tablet in the process.  As it turns out, all I did was reinforce her lover for building fires...

I messed up bad today, didn't I?


As I wrote this I heard a clatter in the kitchen and my wife yelling, "No June, those are Grandma's knives!  We don't touch knives!"

So there's your piece of sage advice from my wife today:  We don't touch knives.


  1. Haha of course Juni would want to jump into Barney! Also, I agree with Bri, I generally don't touch knives. Not safe.

  2. B-but... I'm good with knives.

    Maybe you could have switched the Kindle for a paper book (like the Justin Bieber biography, for example) and told her that would work better.

    Sorry you tweaked your back but really glad you didn't twerk it.

    1. That book wouldn't work. It has to be one you'd WANT to be in. :)

      And thanks for your sorrow. It's feeling a lot better than it was, and I don't think I'll ever twerk anything. I don't have the aptitude.

  3. I never let my Hubby near knives either :)

    1. Probably a smart move for all wives to make.